CattleFlow® Squeeze Chutes by GoBob

CattleFlow Limited


3 Models Available

Whether you're the rancher that has half a dozen cattle or if you're working 200 head a day. We have the perfect squeeze chute for you. Our CattleFlow® line of squeeze chutes offer all of the bells and whistles of traditional chutes and you'll be happy with the weight of them.


Branding Windows

Reversible and removeable, our branding windows are smooth and stay out of your way. They can be configured to your preference.

CattleFlow Branding Windows

Escape Doors

Our Escape Doors are fully modular. Open the whole door, or just the top or bottom. Great for working with calfs or if you need to get a cow out to work on them separately

CattleFlow Escape Door 1

Full Door

CattleFlow Escape Door 2

Top Door

CattleFlow Escape Door 3

Foot Door

Neck Injection Doors

Neck Injection doors are located on both sides of the chute. For administering antibiotics or for regular inspections.

CattleFlow Neck Injection Door


Palpation Cage

Palpation cage doors are easy to open, even when you are gloved up. Doors open both inward and outward.

CattleFlow Palpation Cage


Breast Bar

All models come with an optional Breast Bar. Install or remove in just minutes.

CattleFlow Breast Bar


Wheel Kit

Available option on all models. You might not always need it, but you'll be glad you have it when you do.

CattleFlow Breast Bar


Squeeze Down to 6"

That's right 6 Inches, all models...

CattleFlow Squeeze



Our base model weighs in at 1,970lbs!!! That's more than a lot of companies flagship model. Not only that, but it comes with all of the features listed above! Available with either a Manual or Automatic Head Gate.

CattleFlow Limited



Want to know why it's called the Convertible? The Top doesn't come down but.. It can be upgraded into a fully Hydraulic model (With Optional Hydraulic Kit) that you can add any time you're ready. It comes with all of the features the Limited has, but it also has Escape Doors on both sides. Head restraint comes standard on this model. It also only comes in Manual Head Gate.

CattleFlow Convertible



The Big Daddy, The Crowned Prince.. This is the Hydraulic. Fully Hydraulic Controls that you can use from the front or back. Hydraulic Power Unit Available in Gas or Electric

Customer Testimonial:
"I have used just about every brand of chute made from mechanical to hydraulic. WW, Preifert, Silencer, Whalen, Powder River, Blatner, Q-Catch,Tarter and a few more even some home made ones.

And after running the first 100 cows through this Elite Cattle Flow I had to step back and gather the crew around to find out what made this one work so good! The cattle flow through it so natural that we literally didn't have to have a person bringing the cattle from the lead up to the chute. Besides the fact that not a single cow got excited or fought the chute.

Absolutely Amazing!!!"

- Heath M from Tonopah, NV

CattleFlow Hydraulic

CattleFlow Hydraulic

Controls that move with you

CattleFlow Hydraulic

Available in Gas or Electric (Gas Pictured)


If you are ready to lower the stress on your animals AND on your crew, making for a SAFER and more EFFICIENT operation or to learn more about these amazing pieces of equipment, call today!

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