Hay Conserver Bale Feeders - by Gobob Pipe and Steel Hay Conservers Bale Feeders - Don't Waste Money on Regular Feeders!

Introducing the Scientific Hay Monster and the Hay Maximizer.





Hay Conservers Bale Feeders ®

Check out our Hay Bale Square Conserver Feeders:

Sold exclusively by:
GoBob Pipe & Steel Sales 1-877-851-2365


Hay Conserver Feeders tested to hold over 15,000 Pounds!  That's even heavier than originial Hay Feeder Conservers!

Con-serve : To avoid wasteful use. To use frugally. To protect from unnecessary loss. To help you have higher profits!


We have made the most efficient hay feeder on the market even better!

bigger pipe!
more efficient than before!


Help us set up a dealer in your area by telling your local feed store about our great hay feeders and GoBob will GIVE you a round bale feeder.
Please call us for the details.


There is a great new website called www.Savehay.com where anybody can talk about their experiences with all types of hay equipment. Guess what people are talking about the most? You guessed it, GoBob's Hay Conserver feeders! Go see for yourself!

Hay Convserver Bale Feeder

Saves Money!
Feed up to 30% less hay. Put your pencil to that!

Hay Convserver Bale Feeder

Saves Time!
Fewer trips to the pasture. Less wear and tear on your pick-up.

Hay Convserver Bale Feeder

Safe & Durable!
Built with all new prime pipe. These feeders range in weigh from about 400 lbs. to 500 lbs. for the Monster's, but hey, you can’t make them light and make them last!

Hay Convserver Bale Feeder

New Skid Corners!
Pick up and haul with any bale bed or front loader.

Even Heavier than Original Feeders!

Does a better job than most hay saving feeders for a lot less cost.

Here is what some of our customers have to say ...

Gobob Pipe - Orange Ox - Hay Conserver Bale Feeder - Good for Cows, Bulls, Horses and nore!

NEW - Article:
" Joe Hardcastle on the best way he’s found to feed his Angus and Brangus crossed with horned Hereford cattle: Using GoBob’s hay feeders "
- READ MORE on Joe Hardcastle

"My wife and I can’t get over how little waste there is with these new feeders and how handy they are to use with our Hydrabed."
Harold Stapelford, Fall River, KS.

“In January it looked like I was going to have to buy hay then I bought five of these feeders. I really believe they saved 25 to 30% of my hay. This spring I had 25 bales of hay left over!
Timber Hill Limousin, Mound Valley, KS.

“I used two of these feeders this spring in my calving lot and could not believe how long 2 bales lasted. The cows really clean it up and there is little or no waste.”
Romans Angus Ranch, Tony Stidham, Independence, KS.

Cattle prefer a square meal:

“We bought eight of your feeders last year but we still have a one of the ring feeders that the cattle have not tore up yet. It’s really weird, but the cattle will not eat out of the ring feeder unless the HAY CONSERVER feeder is empty!”

Robert Barnhouse, Bolivar, MO.

John Rummel of Ash Grove, MO. stopped by our booth
at Farmfest last weekend and had this to allow:
"I bought three of your hay feeders a little over two years ago and they FLAT DO NOT WASTE HAY. I have also looked at all the other so called hay saving feeder copy cats at the show AND THERE IS NO COMPARISON. YOUR FEEDERS ARE THE BEST!"
Editors note: John bought another one while he was there.

Cattle REALLY DO Prefer a Square Meal!!
...We really like our insert. The Hay Conserver Feeder Saver really does save us hay (and we can prove it, since we have a Hay Conserver Feeder Saver and 2 regular round bale rings in a pasture.  The cows always eat the hay out of the hay saver first, too.
Randi Miller, Miller Lowline Angus Ranch - POWERful Beef!

Don't Be This Guy!

This picture was taken near Hereford, TX on a customer’s property as we were delivering GoBob Hay Monsters (his second load).

"We got to forty old feeders and quit counting.  Our customer explained that over the years they have tried every kind of feeder there was, including the black poly pipe feeders.  None of them held up.  Well he won’t be putting anymore feeders in the graveyard."

He now has GoBob Hay Conserver Feeders.

Hay Feeder Graveyard - Buy GoBob and Avoid This!


Remember that graveyard?

Here is what happens when you try GoBob's Hay Conserver feeders - You end up with a hay feeder grave yard after you replace ALL your feeders with Hay Conservers, like this customer in West Texas.  

Are you in West Texas? If so contact one of our great dealers, Jess Little with 287 AG888-254-5239.

Our First International Shipment of Hay Conserver Feeders!

Gobob Pipe - Orange Ox - Hay Conserver Bale Feeder - Good for Cows, Bulls, Horses and nore!

Our first international sale. This container hold twenty
Hay Monster Doubles
in kit form going to a major farm equipment distributor in
Bolivia, South America.

The Hay Maximizer.

Gobob Pipe - Orange Ox - Hay Conserver Bale Feeder - Good for Cows, Bulls, Horses and nore!

Save Hay, Time and Money.

The Hay Maximizer allows you to double up on the amount of hay you can load at one time.

This means less of YOUR time hauling hay, less fuel used in your tractor, and less time paying employees to check your hay feeders.

The Maximixer also allows you to spot just how much hay you have left in your feeder from further away. Less time wasted driving to see if you even need hay!

Gobob Pipe - Orange Ox - Hay Conserver Bale Feeder - Good for Cows, Bulls, Horses and nore!

Fits right on your current GoBob Hay Conserver

Let's say you already have one of our great hay feeders and you think that Hay Maximizer would save you half the time every week setting hay out.

Well, no worries because the Hay Maximizer fits Instantly to previous GoBob Hay Conserver Feeders, no nuts or bolts required!


Interested in turning your Red Rhino into a Year Round Feeder?

With a Red Rhino 365 this hay trailer does triple duty as a hay tailer, a hay feeder and feed bunk. Equipped with feeding pans, while maintaining full us of the trailer. Call or Click Here for more info.

Hay Monster Feeder Conserver

The Hay Monster ®!

WE STARTED THE TREND: now with thousands of customers saving money with square feeders we give you the BIGGEST, BADDEST, STRONGEST Hay Feeder EVER made commercially...

Introducing the Hay Monster!

Your Bull Has Met his Match!

Constructed of 2-7/8 and 2-3/8" pipe, these feeders are the best you can buy and I don't care what anybody says. As a matter of fact, we not only guarantee these feeders to save alot of hay - we guarantee you an animal will not tear them up!

Hay Monster Kits in Germany

If you happen to be in Germany, you can see our Hay Monsters in action!

We recently shipped 22 feeders in kit form to a customer
there where he is doing the final assembly.

Hay Monster Double Feeder Conserver

NEW! Here it is! Now even less trips to the pasture in the winter to feed hay to
that hold up to three round hay bales or big square hay bales. We also have
special calf hay feeders for calves and hay saving feeders for horses!

The Hay Monster Double: a recent customer letter

I stopped by your booth at the Ozark Fall Farmfest this weekend to tell you about my experience with your Hay Conserver feeders. I was using the unrolling method to feed my cows because I felt it was the efficient way to feed. But I heard a lot about your feeders so I thought I would try one. I bought a Hay Monster Double hay feeder. I went from unrolling two bales every day to using a bale and a half in your feeder. That’s about a 30% savings. It allows me to even skip a day every once in a while if I want to. All I can say is everything I heard is true, THEY WORK!

David Haynes - Marshfield, MO.

Introducing: The Square Hay Bale Feeder

Hay Convserver Bale Feeder

Still Saves Money!
Still feeds up to 30% less hay.

Hay Convserver Bale Feeder

Still Saves Time!
Fewer trips to the pasture. Less wear and tear on your tractor or pick-up.

Hay Convserver Bale Feeder

Safe & Durable!
Built with all new prime pipe. These feeders range in weigh from about 400 lbs. to 500 lbs. for the Monster's, but hey, you can’t make them light and make them last!

Hay Convserver Bale Feeder

New Skid Corners!
Pick up and haul with any bale bed or front loader.

Even Heavier than Original Feeders!

Introducing: The Horse Hay Bale Conserver Feeder

Hay Convserver Bale Feeder
Hay Convserver Bale Feeder

Now you horse folks can get the same durability and hay saving features as our Hay Conserver and Hay Monster feeders without worry of your stock rubbing their manes. Sorry, we cannot warranty the “tombstones” (neck pcs.) on the horse feeder.  There is no perimeter ring on the top of the hay feeder (like there is on a cattle feeder), so if you run into the tombstones with a bale of hay on your tractor, you just might bend them!

Introducing: The Buffalo Hay Bale Conserver Feeder

Buffalo Hay Bale Conserver Feeder

Introducing: The Bargain Hay Bale Feeders

Buffalo Hay Bale Conserver Feeder

Big Time Hay Feeder

No Warranty

Stop Waste Hay Feeder

No Warranty

Introducing: The Hay Sling


Hay Convserver Bale Feeder

Hay Monster with Hay Sling

Now available with the 
 hay suspension
system to keep your bales
from touching the ground.

Additionally kits are  available to upgrade your existing GoBob Hay Conserver or Hay Monster Feeders.

Hay Convserver Bale Feeder

Hay Sling

Hay Convserver Bale Feeder

Hay Sling Loaded

Hay Convserver Bale Feeder

Hay Sling Loaded, Side View



Before GoBob introduces a new product it is thoroughly tested for its strength and durability (the company is known for durable equipment).

While testing the new Hay Sling product (a suspension system to keep hay bales from touching the ground) to be used in their Hay Conserver and Hay Monster feeders, the structural strength of the feeders themselves got tested as well. The test was to be executed by dropping bales in the feeder with more force that would ever be used on the ranch but the feeder got tested when a 1000 lb. bale was inadvertently dropped on the side of the feeder from over 15 feet. The bale was obliterated but the feeder suffered no damage.






Try one, try ten, if the GoBob Hay Conserver or GoBob Monster hay feeders don't leave you 100% satisfied, bring them back for a full refund!

20,000 of these feeders with this money back guarantee have been sold, to date we've had no takers!

Our 100% guarantee is good for 90 days for feeders purchased from May through July of a given year and 30 days for feeders purchased from August through April.

GoBob guarantees livestock will not damage your hay feeder for five years!
( Damage by equipment excluded. )

Horse feeders are excluded.
*Because of their design, we cannot adequately protect them from damage by loading equipment.

Feeders with structural claims must be returned to GoBob for repairs. (To date, we have never needed to do this!)

GoBob guarantees our hay feeders will not rust out for 10 years on the Hay Monster and 7 years on Hay Conserver feeders.

If your feeder should rust through in the first 3 years, bring it back and we will replace it with a new feeder! After three years feeders will be replaced on a prorated basis.

To date, no GoBob feeder has rusted out!

Note: reasonable care must be taken during the off season. We recommend the feeders be turned upside down during the off season.


*Warranty does not apply to bargain feeders


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

To skirt or not to skirt?

Some customers have asked me why we don’t put a skirt around the base of our feeders, one competitor (whose feeders cost twice as much) raves about how skirting helps save hay. The problem is, it simply does not. Been there, done that. We have found that the hay that eventually gets nosed out the sides are the sticks and bad hay the cattle will not eat anyway. Skirting not only adds to the price of the feeders, it causes a buildup of sticks and rancid hay that you have to muck out or move the feeder!


Do the Hay Conserver Feeders Work Good with Calves?

They work great with calves but you need to be aware of this. The neck bar spacing on the standard Hay Conservers, Hay Monsters and Double/Triple Hay Monsters is 16 inches. We believe this is the optimum spacing for all sizes of cattle. At this spacing some calves WILL get in it UNLESS you keep it full of hay. If you are only using our feeders to feed calves 900 lbs. or less or you do not feel you can keep the feeders full of hay, you need to order our feeders with "calf spacing". The feeders are the same price as the standard feeders, you just need to ask for them.


Warning: Keep feeder full with hay! Failure to keep full may result in animals entering feeder causing injury.

Hay Conserver Bale Feeders®

Sold exclusively by:
GoBob Pipe & Steel Sales 1-877-851-2365

Need Pricing?


PRODUCTS: From time to time, small changes in design or materials used in these products may occur and we cannot always make the changes to photographs or content very quickly. Slight variations may occur to the products depicted on this page.

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